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"Give hope to a girl child who is helpless and vulnerable but has huge untapped potential and unexploited talent."

Hope for Teenage Mothers

Teenage Pregnancy

We ensure that children can survive and thrive, and that their families and communities have the resources and skills to enable them to do so.

Hope for Teenage Mothers (HTM) works in Kenya, and serves more teenage mothers and children annually, working to save and improve their lives and the community members through partnering with local, International organizations religious, government agencies and local corporate companies.

Teenage pregnancies and subsequent motherhood presents a major challenge on a person so young, and without any social support, including that of a family.
It is with this view that Hope for Teenage Mothers is advocating for the focus on the teenage mothers in an attempt to alleviating the stigma and poverty on the teenage mothers.

Hope for Teenage Mothers (HTM) seeks to identify, rehabilitate and empower the most vulnerable teenage mothers in Kenya. Hope for Teenage Mothers aims to enable these teenage mothers access economic and educational opportunities through training and skills building.

Studies have shown that poverty and deprivation has been cited as the major factors contributing to teenage pregnancy. According to the account poverty pushes young girls in the slums into activities that expose them to sexual exploitation and survival sex in exchange for money and food.

13 % of secondary school students were pregnant by the age 14
10 % had given birth or aborted.
Girls as young as 14 years old have become sexually active in exchange for food or money.
5.5 million girls between 15 and 19 years of age give birth annually in sub –Sahara Africa.

Source: Centre for the Study of Adolescents.