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About Us

Hope for Teenage Mothers is a growing humanitarian organization aimed at providing teenage mothers and their children, what we believe is their basic human right: livelihood, education and support . The organization fulfils its aims by pooling resources from well wishers and voluntary skills of professionals globally .We believe in giving back the lost Hope to the teenage mothers so that they can regain their lives again. Through our programs we empower the teenage mothers blossom into future ambassadors of HOPE to the teenage girls who are getting pregnant at an adolescent age group while still in school.

Our Vision

Give hope to a girl child who is helpless and vulnerable but has huge untapped potential and unexploited talent.

Mission Statement
Work with stakeholders, partners ,well wishes, donors and the government of Kenya to seek to improve the quality of life for stigmatized and marginalized teenage mothers, their children, families and communities through capacity building, counseling, nutritional support ,non-formal training, legal representation and human rights upholding.

Objectives of the organization
The organizations objective is to provide:

  1. Empowerment through sustainable skills of basic literacy and vocational training.
  2. Provide entrepreneurship  training and micro  finance
  3. Adolescent behavior support and mentorship
  4. Build a Centre of Excellence that transforms ordinary schools into institutions that respect physical, academic and social dimensions of teenage mothers.

What We Do:

  1. Non-Formal Education
  2. Vocational training and Life  Skills training
  3. Entrepreneurship and Microfinance training
  4. HIV/AIDS related ailments affecting Teenage Mothers
  5. Community Development – (Empower leaders to become Teenage pregnancies prevention educators and Advocates)
  6. Orphan support for Medical care & Nutrition
  7. Scaling up advocacy initiatives and respond to Gender Based Problems

Reasons Why We Are Needed
There is a persistent social injustices directed at Teenage Mothers, where urgent attention is required. The empowerment programme will gradually impact positively on the behavioral change and standard of living even after eventual graduation/end of the project life. Hope for Teenage Mothers (HTM) focuses on transformational and sustainable welfare of the Teenage Mothers through promotion, protection and enhancement of their rights through policy advocacy and awareness creation. The programme entails supporting education and initiatives aimed at changing social- cultural practices, prejudices, altitudes and behaviour that have for many years functioned as obstacles to Teenage Mothers' human rights enjoyment, peace and development.

How You Can Help
Your support in our work is invaluable, so please pledge support today by either donating education items, materials for vocational training, donating money or volunteering your skills. If you wish to pledge monthly please sign up to get a Direct Debit form . Thank you in advance for your support.